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It seems obvious, but… I use the library often and when I create a new song I want to share it, but if I am still working on it I don’t want to share it until I come back and finish it. How/where do I determine whether a tune is made public or kept private in my own library? I have searched sharing and can’t understand it.

All songs are private and only visible by you. Everything else you see in the “public library” in Strum Machine was added by yours truly. So don’t worry about anyone else stumbling on a half-finished or private song.

Currently, the only way to share songs is by posting a link to them (which you can get through the Share menu or your browser’s address bar) on this forum, or by sending a link to someone directly. I may add in-app sharing options in the future, but haven’t figured out the details yet.

So all of the songs in the library have been created and added by you? I can see why you don’t want “bad” entries, but I have been looking for some fiddle tunes and so I create them myself. Isn’t it likely there are other versions of some of them already in someone else’s library? Is there no way to find them?

Anyway - thanks for everything!

There’s tons of fiddle tunes already shared; Paul Horton has 100 songs from the Fiddle Tune Book. Go to categories, Shared songs/ lists, from the drop down menu select Lists and you will see them all.
You can copy the whole list, or individual songs to your library

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Yes, there are well over a thousand additional fiddle tunes across the various shared lists posted here on the forum. :smiley:

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It sounds like there are plenty of songs already on strummachine and there is no need for any additional tunes to be added. Some people say Fiddle Tunes all sound alike anyway, so what would be the point?

LOL… but they all have different names!

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