Question about proper use of Capo term in new song

Scenario: I add Whiskey Before Breakfast which is always played in the key of D, capo’d on the 2nd fret. It is played in “C form” on the guitar. As an advancing guitar player, what is the best way to show that in Strum Machine?

I have the following options:

  1. Use the Nashville Numbering system (1, 4, 5, etc) and enter a note that it is played in the key of D, capo 2.
  2. Show chords in C form (C, F, G, etc) with a note that it is played in D, adjust Strum Machine to accompany at Capo 2.
  3. Show chords in the played key of D (D, G, A, etc) with no capo adjustment in Strum Machine

I’d consider option 2 the easiest version for Dummies to read. However, if I want to show it in the key of G, the capo always needs to be changed to get it back to C form and it doesn’t seem like the perfect way to do it for the advanced guitarist that I hope to be someday. I’m leaning towards option 1.

What do the rest of you do?

This is my opinion. You can put it in the key of D and whoever wants to play it can choose to use the Capo version ( C capo 2nd fret). It only changes for that person. The original way you upload it will always be there… I would also suggest to include a video with that song (if you can) to show how it is supposed to be played. So I would go with option 3…

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