Question About Tune Setting

I use Strum Machine when playing 3 different stringed instruments. Many of the tunes I play are common to all 3 instruments. But settings for key, speed, etc. vary from instrument to instrument. So when I start playing the tunes on a different instrument, I have to reset the settings for most of the tunes I play.

Anybody aware of a way to avoid having to do this.

The best you can do right now is to jot down the key and speed settings in the Notepad – something like this:

Banjo: 90 BPM, key of G
Mandolin: 102 BPM, key of A

Strum Machine will turn anything that looks like a speed (“___ bpm”) or a key (“Key of __” or “Key: __”) into a clickable link that will set the key/tempo to that value.

At some point I will probably add a feature that has been requested a bunch of times, which will come in useful here, and that is to have per-list settings. In other words, you’ll be able to turn on some setting like “use different settings when accessing songs through this list” (ideally with better wording than that!) and then it will remember settings on a per-list basis, not just a per-song basis.

The other alternative is to make copies of the song for each instrument or playing situation, but I personally don’t recommend that.

Make 3 different versions and label them.