Request for dim7 chords [Available]

My chord request for a future release: dim7 chords (e.g. Cdim7).



All of the diminished chords in Strum Machine are actually dim7 chords! I’m used to the convention where diminished chords are four-note chords by default. It’s not currently possible for Strum Machine to play just the diminished triad (1, ♭3, ♭5) without the diminished dominant seventh (♭♭7, aka ♮6) but I don’t think that’s usually necessary; certainly nobody’s told me it was a problem yet. :wink:

I did not realize that. Thanks

Until the new release covers this you might try the slash chords. For your Cdim7 try Eb dim/C. This should render C Eb Gb Bbb. This is a fully diminished chord. If you want the Bb instead of the Bbb as the 7th then try Eb min/C rendering C Eb Gb Bb.

Not necessary – Cdim renders as a fully diminished dim7 chord, and sounds the same (plays the same audio sample) as Eb dim, Gb dim, and A dim, other than the bass note which is set to the root of each of those chords.

This is a half-diminished or m7b5 chord, which is supported in the latest beta version which will be released to the main site by the end of the month.