Request for more inflection indicators [Under Consideration]

Since I print out SM selections for easy to read, neat charts, I would like to see included more of the standard Italian inflection indicators which are used in standard musical notation, such as a dot over the chord to indicate staccato, the fermata (“bird’s eye”) to indicate an ad lib hold, crescendo and decrescendo marks (long < or >symbols) to indicate increase or decrease in volume, ritard to indicate tempo slowing down (used often in slow song endings), etc. A bigger diamond which fills the entire space and encloses the chord symbol would also be nice. It’s hard to see the small gray diamond next to the chord symbol. This would make SM more useful not only to those who write charts, but to all who are unfamiliar with a tune but are playing from someone else’s chart. Luke and I have already adding discussed swing (sock) rhythm and “Nashville” country rhythm strums (no alternating bass note, just an alternating loud/soft strum on each beat in 4/4 meter or loud/soft/soft in 3/4 meter. Luke has a great product here. I applaud him for his efforts. Im hoping these suggestions will make it even better so he can appeal to those outside the bluegrass world (which is about 99.9 per cent of all musicians).