Ritardando again

It would make the backing track sound even more “live“ then it already does…
Is it still on your list, Luke?

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And also the ability to gradually reduce the volume during the ritardando. I imagine a control to set the target end speed for the ritardando and say, end with value reduce to 50%. Of course, that volume change should only be for the duration of the ritardando, and go back to whatever the user has set for default after that.

Yeah, it’s still on the list! (Features that get requested never get dropped off the list… I just keep putting them off until the time is right.)

As @RobertBiggs is eluding to, there are many different ways to execute a ritardando in practice, and Strum Machine will have to do a passable job at a variety of them, which is part of what makes it such a challenging feature to implement. (But it’s also quite tricky from a technical standpoint, since the whole playback engine is built on a rock-steady internal metronome tick.)

All in good time!

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