Scrolling bug?

when I play a song, it seems like it’s trying to auto scroll so you can see what chord is coming up, but jumps to wrong parts of the song.
At the end of every section it jumps roughly 4 or 5 sections ahead.
This is on Firefox 108.0.2.

Just loaded up Strum Machine in Firefox 108.0.2 and it’s working fine for me. Could you send me a link to the song where you’re seeing this issue? It might be helpful to see a screenshot of your browser window as well. Thanks!

also I’m on a mac, if that makesany difference

Thanks. I was able to see the issue, but not consistently or in a way I could reproduce consistently or track down. I will look into it further, though. The auto-scrolling module is a very tricky bit of code so I’m sure it could be improved (yet again).

I’m curious, how many rows of the chart are visible at once on your screen? (Trying to get a sense of your screen and font size.)

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