Search for a new songs

I can’t search for a new song in the search window. It will only search for my songs? I want to search and add more songs from your list to mine.

Tom, I downloaded SM to my PC along time ago and it automatically download newest version periodically. I can work off too. I cannot speak to Apple, tablets or phone but on my PC when I select any letter when searching I get every song starting with that letter, mine and the ones already loaded to SM. Hope this helps. Douglas

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Tom, look carefully at the search box. If you have the button that says “Mine” it will only search your songs. If you have nothing selected, it will search both yours and the database. If you select “A-Z” and then “All Songs” it will show you all the songs in the database. Hope that helps. Or you can click on “A-Z” and then a letter and you will see all songs that begin with that letter. Hope that helps.