Searching for a song

I have been able to search for songs on the forum but only if they are listed individually in the same box you put the link or if it is a single song w the name in the topic. Im not sure if it is possible to put tags in

Right, the song name needs to be somewhere in the post (or topic title). For individual songs, I think I’ll encourage putting the song title right in the subject line. Song lists are trickier. I can make it so that there’s a button in Strum Machine to copy both the link and all the song titles to the clipboard, so that they can be posted on the forum. However, the list of titles won’t update itself on the forum. Still, probably good enough in most cases…

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Update: I’m working on an integration so that when you paste in a link to a song or list in the forum (on its own line), a preview of the song or list will appear in the post, and the song title (or all song titles in a list) will be searchable as well. Didn’t make much progress today – spent more time trying to set up a working forum plugin development environment than actual coding – but I’m hopeful that I’ll have something in place by the end of the week.

Update to my update: I did it! Pasting a Strum Machine song or list link on its own line produces a nice display on the forum. :blush:

Is there a way to search for a particular song?

Yes, if you click on the search/eyeglass icon in the top-right corner, you can type in a song name and it will pull up any threads where someone has mentioned the song or posted a link to it. If the thread you click on is long, you press Cmd+F or Ctrl+F to search the current thread.