Section naming on iOS

Hi Luke
This isn’t so much a bug, maybe more of an inconvenience. In iOS, when clicking a (lower, let’s say C) sectionname to edit, the ‘A part, B part, …’ popup pops up, and so does the keyboard.

The latter then pushes up the bottom bar, but not the page itself, so that they now overlap the section header and the popup.

Of course you can scroll the page back up to the section, (and try not to hit the bottombar by mistake) but it would be really nice if the section header could be pushed up/auto-scroll so it will always be visible on edit? What do you think?

Thanks, Martine

Yes, I see what you mean! This could definitely be improved, although I will have to work on how to accomplish that, exactly… it’s a bit of a challenge to work around any combination of scroll position, popovers, and the virtual keyboard, let alone all of these at once.

It does sound like I’m seeing slightly different behavior, though. If there’s any chance you could take a quick screen recording on your iPhone and then email it to support at strum machine dot com, that could be very helpful. Thanks!