Selected bars in second ending brackets not playing

Hi Luke,
After selecting a couple of bars, you can play them endlessly, which I use a lót to practice :slight_smile:

However, when these bars are within the second ending brackets they don’t seem to want to play…

Thanks, Martine

Yeah, that makes sense given the way they (and looping) were implemented. If you include the next measure of the next section, then the second ending brackets will play. I know that this is not necessarily the best solution (nor a viable one if you’re talking about the last section in a song). I’m reluctant to change the behavior of ending brackets but I’m open to considering it.

Unfortunately seems like I can only select bars within a single section, it won’t extend to the next section…

EDIT: this is only when the section ends with a second bracket…

I absolutely understand your dilemma! Would be greate though, if it could work at some point in the future :smile:

You should be able to select bars between sections outside of edit mode. I just tested this and it works:

Still, room for improvement in the future!

You’re right Luke, I guess I must have tested selecting through to the next section in edit mode only. My bad, in playback mode that does work

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