Slash Chords/(Upright)Bass Runs

Hi there, thank you Luke, the new SM version is fantastic! I have a question: I use slash chords to create the bass line in most of my tunes. The choice of notes to slash is limited to an octave. At times, the bass line becomes bumpy due to the lack of adjacent notes. Is it very difficult to add another octave to the slash options? We talked about this before, but, in my non-coding mind, it never occurred to me that a second octave may be an easy fix. Thank you SM!


Yup, me too. I played a bit with the automatic bass runs on guitar. Nice feature. But I’d rather have the more precise control on what bass plays do that I get thru slash chords. The only thing I’d really like to see improved about that is the ability to play an octave of a note sometimes.

I’ll be updating the chords menu at some point in the not-too-distant future – we’ve already started the process of updating the design – and adding the ability to specify the octave of the bass note is something I’d definitely like to include. Stay tuned!