Slip Jig 12/8 timing

I’m trying to get a suitable timing within SM for “Going to the Well for Water”
(aka The Kaiser/Denis Murphy’s). It is a slide in the key of D.

Is it possible to get 12/8 timing in SM…?
9/8 just doesn’t quite do it.
Advice requested.
Thank you.

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The video I pulled up had the guitar playing standard jig accompaniment, thus you can enter it into Strum Machine as a 6/8 tune; two 6/8 measures for one 12/8 measure in the sheet music.

I do plan to add 12/8 as an option to Strum Machine, although I’ll admit I still don’t understand why, for example, this tune is written in 12/8 instead of 6/8. That said, if I’ve learned one thing about time signatures, it’s that they’re a bit arbitrary. :wink:

Update: currently educating myself on the difference between slides and jigs with this web page: :face_with_monocle:

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You can use 2/4 or 4/4 for jigs .
You just need the first and fourth beat of the six.

Luke is correct in saying you can use 6/8 on SM for the 12/8 slides. (Many slides on the session are written in 6/8 anyway.) Are you using the beta? The beta has a great 6/8 jig strumming pattern. 90 BPM on a jig in SM is 120 BPM, the dotted quarter is 120 BPM. Get a metronome going with the tempo you desire. Set SM to the same tempo by ear. Get SM pulsing at the same tempo as the metronome. Metronomes are in abundance and free online should you not own one. BTW slip jigs are in 9/8, 3 dotted quarters per measure.

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I’m a bit slow in replying Douglas, but thank you very much for this information and the file.
Cheers. :wink: