Some bugs I've noticed

I find that if I attempt to play a song edited in the beta version with features not found in the regular version…it won’t play.

I’ll just stick to the beta for those songs.

One other thing…When i attempt to use the EQ app on my phone with Strum Machine… it doesn’t work. Some of my Bluetooth speakers get boomy with the unequalized signal. Any way to allow the output to be equalized?


Yeah, the regular version doesn’t know what to do with the beta features. But the regular version is going to be updated with the beta version in about 10 days, barring any unforeseen complications, so it won’t be an issue for too much longer.

I tried putting in EQ controls a year or two ago, but there were some issues/bugs and I had to remove them. Still on my list to revisit, though, because I may know a way around the issues now. I may start with just a bass boost/rolloff control, since that seems to be the most commonly-cited reason for wanting an EQ in Strum Machine.