Song Names / Medley Names Question

I am confused about how a song’s name is handled. Somehow I ended up with duplicates: is it possible for Me (i.e. Mine) to have two songs w exactly the same name?
Also, it seems if a “,” is in a song’s name, when a medley is displayed, something odd happens.
What I want is to delete duplicates but keep the medley. In the past, if I delete a song from a medley, stuff doesn’t work right.
Advice on best way to proceed appreciated.

Yes, it’s possible to have multiple songs with the same name. I always recommend changing the subtitle (the part in square brackets) when using the “Duplicate and edit” function.

To determine which one of the duplicates is in the medley, open it and go to Medleys in the right-hand sidebar menu. It will tell you whether that song belongs to a medley or not.

The index listing issue is tricky. If “The”, “A”, or “An” are at the beginning of a song title, Strum Machine sticks them on the end in the index so that they are sorted more predictably and so that there’s no need to remember whether the leading “The” was included, for example. Here, “A” refers to the key, so it really shouldn’t be moved to the end, but there’s no way for Strum Machine to know this. One workaround would be to replace the space after “A” with a non-breaking space character.

That said, I don’t think this should happen the same way with medleys. I will see what I can do here to improve the behavior.

Also, you can rename any medley after creation by opening the medley page and clicking on the title.