Song Title Starting with the Letter A

I created a new chart for “A Deeper Shade of Blue”, and I have that as the song title. When I saved it to my song list, the title shows as “Deeper Shade of Blue, A”. Is there a way to force the letter A to be at the start of the title so it’s placed on the list in alphabetical order?

There are a lot of instances where songs are referred interchangeably with and without the leading article; e.g., I happen to think of your song in question as “Deeper Shade of Blue”, probably because that’s the title of the Del McCoury album where I learned it. So if it were listed under “A Deeper Shade of Blue”, it wouldn’t show up under “D” where I’d expect it. So, for consistency, Strum Machine uses the standard indexing practice of sticking leading articles (“The”, “A”, “An”) at the end of the song title, so that songs are sorted by the first “significant” word.

If you really want to trick the system into leaving “A” at the beginning of the title in the index, you can replace the first space after “A” with a non-breaking space character, which you can insert with Option+Space on a Mac and Alt+0160 (or copy/paste from this page). But then it won’t show up in a search for “a deeper” OR “deeper”, only in the alphabetical listing or a search for another word like “blue”.

Hopefully, though, it’s not too much of an inconvenience to just have the song listed under “D”?