Sort Ordering and Lists

Problem: I am adding a book as it’s own list. The tunes are in numbered order, not alphabetically. The numbered order reflects the books categories.
The “Mine” tunes are alphabetical.
I numbered each tune in the book list at beginning of my Strum titles and that is fine now for the list.
In the “Mine” list, it would be better if the tunes remain alphabetical, but the number I added to the title for the list, changed the order alphabetically also. So the numerical is sorted and i don’t have an alphabetical by title list.
A sample title: “86-Farandole des Bordes du Rhone”.
Any current solution?
For me the improvement would be to have at least two options when creating a list Sort or No Sort.
Ability to insert title and keep in the order typed in would be the tricky addition-like inserting a row on a spreadsheet. I don’t enter all the tunes in order of course. I like some better than others. So I have to insert, which is now handled by the number i add at beginning of title and is handled by current sort method. The “sort” option is no change. To keep alpha order for these list tunes in “mine”, i would just move the tune number to the end of the title.
In other words i want the numbers to be ignored in the “Mine” list.
Since people are sharing books like the Portland Collection,I suppose another idea would be to keep the list out of the “Mine” list, since they aren’t mine. Portland is alphabetical. I know people are away during Summer, so hope this eventually gets read.