Sorting Folders of Songs by Last Played

Hi Luke,

The program with latest improvements is great. I’m suggesting something for the future (I think I emailed you about it before). It would be very useful to me to have a folder of my songs that is ordered by the last one played. That is how I used to use BIAB, and it’s how I use a folder of sheet music I am reading out of. They can always be sorted by “most recently played”. It’s a very organic way for me to practice daily. Tunes get added, tunes get dropped. But I can always see where I am and where I’ve been.

I understand organizing folders on an app may not be as easy as sorting options in a regular folder window. But if you could figure out a way…

I was just looking at my notes relating to this feature the other day! However, what you describe here is a different twist on what I was thinking of – probably because I didn’t record your earlier idea properly.

What I had been thinking of was a way to see a list of most-recently-played-by-you songs, across the entire Strum Machine library. It could be implemented as a special “list” that is updated as you play songs. Not too difficult, but I always kind of questioned the value of this.

What you describe is being able to sort a single list by when each song in that list was last played. Seems like the real utility is not just seeing which songs were most recently played, but which ones were least recently played. As in, you could put most-recent at the bottom, practice from the top, and be ensured that you’re always hitting all your tunes. I could even add little grouping headings, like “Today”, “Yesterday”, “Past 7 Days”, and “Past 30 Days”, so that you can visually see roughly when you last played a given tune.

I’ll have to give some thought as to the data structures to use for this, but I’m definitely open to the idea.

I picture it like the “Mine” alphabetical folder with all my tunes, only constantly sorted by most recently played instead.

Oh, so maybe that is closer to what I was originally thinking after all. I’m not sure where I’d put the UI for this… I’m very hesitant to add another button beside A-Z and Mine. But maybe it could be a search operator, like you’d type in “sort:played”. Or like I said before, an optional “list” (we could call it a “smart list” to follow to-do app conventions) that pulls in your most recently-played songs…

Would sorting an individual list by last-played be of any use to you?

Sorting an individual list would work. I appreciate you’re giving it some thought. Thanks!


PS Just occurred to me one could add all their tunes to this list therefore essentially achieving the whole list sort without adding another button beside A-Z and Mine. Is that possible?

Tunes can be on multiple lists, so yes you could certainly add your entire personal repertoire (both custom and built-in tunes that you play) to a single list and have it sorted by last-played. Currently you’d have to add tunes to that list one-by-one but I’m also considering some sort of “multi-select” or “multi-add” feature to make it easier to add a bunch of tunes to a list at once.

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