Speed up or slower a song by 1 BPM

Hello Luke,

At the moment I can speed up or slower a song by 5 BPM. Is it possible to speed up or slower a song by 1 BPM? This would help me a lot. By the way: Thanks so much for being a member of this website. It really helps me a lot to work on my timing! :slight_smile: Best, Norm

Yes, there are three options:

  1. Hold down the Shift key as you click the + and – buttons; that will make the adjustment go by 1 BPM at a time instead of 5.

  2. Press the + or – keys on your keyboard, which go by 1 BPM.

  3. Click on the BPM display itself and type in any number, including numbers ending in .5

Also make sure you check out the Auto-Speedup feature – it only applies if you’re wanting to have the song incrementally speed itself up over time, but that may be what you want sometimes.

Glad you’re finding Strum Machine helpful!

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Thank you so much Luke!