Struggling to play Spotify links added as song References [Fixed]

I added a Spotify song URL to the Reference section for one of my SM songs. I am struggling to get the link to playback using the iPhone app (the inline player just hangs when opening). It partially works when I load the Beta version with Safari, but only when I choose the option to open in Spotify (the inline option doesn’t work and gives a funny message about playback not being allowed in my country. I have a Spotify account and the app on my iPhone, so no issues there.

This will be a really slick feature if I can get it figured out!

Referencing a Spotify track within the Beta version in Safari works fine on my iPhone iOS 14.4. See first screenshot.
However, the same Spotify track will not load for me in the SM iOS app. See second screenshot.
I have the Spotify app installed, but not a Spotify subscriber, just listening to preview.

Thanks for the bug report, Steve! (And the reproduction, Chad!) I’ve figured out the reason; you have to be very specific about what third-party resources can be loaded by the mobile app, and I must’ve missed Spotify. Should be an easy fix, although it requires submitting a new version of the underlying mobile app to Apple which I’m going to do after the current beta is finalized, so probably another couple of weeks, give or take.

Oh yeah, and this is curious:

What country are you in?

Luke, glad you found the issue. I am in the US and can play that link through Spotify.

There’s an update to the Strum Machine iOS app that should fix this issue. Once you have the latest version on your device, it should be able to play Spotify. I’ve improved the handling of other references on iPad as well, so that they open in a separate Safari window when appropriate – useful for using Strum Machine in split-screen mode.

Thanks Luke! Seems to work. Not sure if this is intentional, but following Spotify references will kick off the Spotify app, whereas Youtube refs play inline. Not a huge deal as it appears that you go back and forth. Great feature to have…I will be using this a ton!