Sync to other IOS devices

This feature request might be a wild one but would it be possible to sync the ipad version with other ipads I think onsong can do this but not sure. everyone would have to have the ipad app loaded and all would have to have the song loaded and shared amongst each other.
Then the leader would then be able to broadcast the start and stop signal to all other ipads in the group.

This would be great to have a group learn a new song as then sound would only come from one ipad or computer but the chord follow along would be the same on all the ipads.

My solution up till now is to broadcast to a big screen tv with the camera adapter so that everyone can see the chord changes. I’m using it for a mens choir. they like it as they can see when they should start and stop singing. (I’ve even gone as far as putting sticky note arrows on the screen where they should start and stop. it’s great for training and after a few practices the stickys are not necessary. none of us can read music )

There may be a way to screen share between ipads but I’m not aware of anything like that yet.

I’m pretty sure Apple doesn’t support sharing apps with other devices, unless those are the same owner or same family. That goes against their whole idea of monetization for the App Store. Family sharing assume one person is the adult and the other are minors. The adult has to setup accounts the he/she controls. So, no, iOS doesn’t support app sharing like what you are describing. Your best bet is to continue projecting StrumMachine on a screen.

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I don’t think Mark is talking about sharing the app (or subscription) itself, but rather a way to have multiple users/subscribers sync their playback across devices. It’s an interesting idea. I suspect it will be too technically challenging and not in high enough demand for me to justify an attempt at making it happen… but that could change in the future.

For your particular situation, I wonder if a Facetime call with screen sharing would work? In theory it should, but in practice I’m not sure if the latency would be low enough or if there would be other obstacles to it working. But it might be worth a try.

Yes everyone would have their own account and each individual would have the same song loaded on each ipad.
example 4 players, Same song loaded on each ipad , same tempo , same key everything the same ( come to think of it someone that wanted to capo could change their key to the capo of choice as their ipad would be silenced, they only need it for visual reference )

The Leaders volume is fed into a PA so everyone can hear, What is needed is the ability for the leader to push the start button on everyone’s ipad at the same time.

I know a bluetooth keyboard can trigger the start and stop Strum Machine but you cannot bluetooth sync more than 1 ipad to the bluetooth keyboard unless someone has a workaround.

I’ve tried pushing the button on a couple of ipads at the same time and it seems to be ok and I guess if you could do a count in and have everyone push the button at the same time it would work.

One problem is that, due to energy saving protocols and other activities, devices just aren’t always listening to input at the same time, so just sending some signal to multiple devices at exactly the same time will probably still result in different latencies, adding to that if you rely on bluetooth or wifi with all the different network interfaces…

So you might instead want to send a timestamp - but for that to work the devices need to be on a common clock. I think Onsong relies on midi to sync them to the same midi clock, and that might just be the way to go.

Some people say that could even work using wifi, which would be sweet, but I absolutely don’t know enough about the subject… (happily musing along though)