The Portland Collection, Volume 1 (all)

Handy reference. I adhered strictly to Portland’s chords, even if I prefer others. Please notify me of any misprints! Enjoy!


This is amazing! Love the Portland Collections! I know the time it took to do all this and want to thank you profusely for sharing it!
Mary Ann Hetrick

I love Portland Collection too…and it’s hard to learn all the tunes without guitarists who can handle it. I hope this will help us all to learn more of the tunes in these books! Catch ya later

I started playing these songs up the alphabet B. Here are a few tweaks to check:

Bad Hair: B section - 2nd and 6th measure - F chord should be on the 3rd beat
Behind the Bush in the Garden: A section - should play twice
Benton’s Dream: A & B section - need to repeat
Big Liza Jane: B section - 3rd measure should be an A chord
The Black Cat Jig - missing the Coda section. I think to make this play out right you could add an OUTRO section (that includes the B section and Coda section) and set it to play the last time only
The Bluejay: - A section - last measure - my book version just has an A chord last ms.
Boot Shuffle: A section - measure 4 - should be C and D chords
The Boys of Tandragee: both sections need repeats
Bus Stop Reel: B section - needs a repeat

I LOVE that you have done all this Loralyn! If your book is newer than mine, there may be edits or revisions that my book does not have. The only reason I did not correct my copy is that if you correct your originals, Strum Machine should correct everyone else’s that you’ve shared the list with. You can find me at Joyful Strings (no spaces) ( I hope it’s okay to share that on SM). I will continue to play through these and send edits if that is okay. I charted the Waltz book and after awhile a second set of eyes can be helpful : ) Bless you!

Is there a StrumMachine Hall of Fame? If so, I nominate Loralyn. This is huge.

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