The sound is off on Strum Machine -- please help

This morning Strum Machine was working perfectly. Then I had a lesson on Zoom. The Zoom sound worked in my bedroom speakers, but not on my computer living room speakers. Also, Strum Machine sound stopped working.

We cancelled my lesson until I can get this sound fixed. Once I got out of Zoom, Strum Machine sound still does not work.

I went under my desk and apparently everything is plugged in.

Suggestions, anyone, please, please, please!

I’m sorry that Strum Machine stopped working for you, and at such an inconvenient time too!

The catch-all solution is to turn your device off and back on again. This seems to work pretty much 100% of the time in such situations.

That said, I would like to look into this further. If it happens to you again, please go to the Help menu and click Email Support, which will give me a breadcrumb to follow in the logs to maybe hopefully track down the root cause.

Are you saying that Zoom stopped working correctly (not playing on one set of speakers) at the same time that Strum Machine stopped playing sound altogether? That points to a deeper system-level audio issue, which is what I suspect is going on here. (Doesn’t mean I don’t want to investigate further, but it makes things trickier to track down.) I’d be interested to know what model device you were using and what OS version it is running.

Hello, Luke. Thanks for writing. I’m using a desktop PC and Windows 10. I had already tried turning off Strum Machine and turning it back on, and that didn’t work. I also restarted my computer and that didn’t work, either. I also went to the Help menu to Email you, and email isn’t working there.

The bug that broke the Help menu’s Email function should be squashed now. I didn’t realize it was broken until you wrote that, because it was only broke in the desktop app when the latest big update went out. Sorry about that.

The fact that closing and re-opening Strum Machine didn’t solve the issue definitely points to an OS-level problem. Unfortunately I’m not sure how I can diagnose the situation further because it doesn’t seem to be related to Strum Machine. :confused: Only ideas that come to mind are to try using Strum Machine in a web browser instead, like Chrome or Edge or (perhaps most promisingly) Firefox since it uses a different browsing engine. Just guessing here, though. Keep me posted and I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.