Three Beats per Measure 3/4

I want to build a chord chart for Heart of the Heartland in 3/4. I want three beats per measure not six like the default gives me. Anyone know how to do this?

You mean you want it to show bar lines between each measure instead of between each pair of measures, right? This is not currently possible but I do plan to add this as a preference you can set.

This is my workaround for 3/4:

  • add 3/4 to the title
  • divide tempo by 2
  • choose option to show two measures per line
  • choose option to display all chords
  • squint and pretend that each displayed chords represent a measure

Actually works just fine :slight_smile:

Yep. That works. Thanks.

If that does not suit you, you can make each measure a stand alone measure.

Nice tip Douglas! This is what you get: