Time of song (not time signature)

I am reluctant to ask for things that might already be possible, but here goes. I would like to be able to see the time the song will be if played at the stated number of repetitions and at the set BPM speed. Often am curious - if I don’t repeat this chorus how long will the song be? And how long will it be if I do repeat the chorus and maybe speed it up a little?

I have been getting this by downloading/recording, but then I have to wait for the song to finish recording before I can see the time. I would like to be able to tweak arrangements to adjust for time.

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Hmm that’s interesting! I don’t think that feature is available though. I’d just suggest to record it to see if you are thinking about set lists and stuff like that.

You’re not the first to suggest this feature! I’ve got it on my (very long) list of things to consider adding in the future. Thanks!