Timer or Clock

I often wonder how long I have been playing along with SM during a session. Have you ever thought of showing and capturing the amount of time a person is active in a session or over time? I could see this being very useful for historical trends and such.

Thanks for such a great resource.

I’ve had at least a couple people suggest various features around logging activity in Strum Machine for personal “analytics” and tracking. Honestly that feels like a very low-priority feature so it’ll probably be a few years before I’m ready to consider it, but it’s on my list of things to consider. :slightly_smiling_face:

I get it but really, I was just thinking along the lines of the person who requested the ability to see how long a piece would run but have it in real time at the top instead. when you click play, the timer starts, when it is done, it shows the full duration. more adventurous would be to accumulate totals so if you played a 4 minute piece 3 times, it would show 12 minutes for a practice session. tia

This would actually be a very handy feature when needing to know the duration of each song in order to create a set list of songs for groups in a particular time frame. Right now I have to play out all of them and time them to tally them up and determine if I’ve gone over the playing time we are allowed for a certain event. It’s understood that the duration of a song will change depending upon the tempo… so there’s that to consider in the programming of the feature.