Tommy Jarrell Fiddle Tunes

If you are interested, I charted out most every Tommy Jarrell tune this past winter, trying to get chords, tempo, and tuning just like Tommy played them—they are pretty close. IF tempo/key seems off, it’s probably because I must have tweaked it without setting it back before leaving that page. All lyrics are in the Notes section, but not sure if they will display to shared users. Hope you find these lists useful.

Tommy Jarrell - A Tunes - AEAE

Tommy Jarrell - A Tunes - AEAC#

Tommy Jarrell - D Tunes - ADAE

Tommy Jarrell - D Tunes - ADAD

Tommy Jarrell - G Tunes - GDAE

Tommy Jarrell - G Tunes - GDAD


Fantastic resource! Thanks for sharing it with the community.

By the way, notes aren’t shared with other users. That’s something I’d like to explore in the future; I feel like they should remain private by default, but it’d be nice to have ways of sharing notes as well, especially in a teacher/student or band/jamming-group situation…

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