Transition Chords (bass runs, slash chords) [Partially Available]

So I’m getting ready for my two-month sojourn out West, where I depend on SM to accompany me cuz the jam bands are back in TN.

I’m putting together what I’m calling “Performance” versions where I’ll play the intro, let SM back me up during the verse & chorus, and also put some solos in with SM for backup.

I’m having trouble with what I call transition chords. For instance, on guitar, when I’m moving from the G chord to the Em chord, I usually play a G/F# on the way (G chord with a F# bass note). Same when going from C to Am… I usually step down to the Am with a B note as bass.

Any way to replicate that in Strum Machine?

Right, slash chords, walking bass lines, etc… unfortunately, no, there isn’t a way to do this in Strum Machine. BUT, it’s high on my list of things I want to support, and I plan to work it into a big upgrade to the guitar that I have in the works (which has literally been in the works for years). Crossing my fingers that it’ll be available (at least in beta) this fall.


I have been using G- Bm- Em (Em7) for G step downs. And C-Em7-Am-Am7 for C step downs. Its not great but will Have to do until the updates

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The new song editor that I just released on the beta site includes the option for slash chords (setting the bass note independently of the chord), as well as subdividing a beat into quarter notes. I still want to make a solution for bass runs that doesn’t involve setting each chord manually, though; it should both look and sound better that way. But, this could be useful in the meantime for adding transitional notes, like this:


Mmmm. I’m on the beta site, trying to figure out how to add slash/chords or bass note runs.

Any hints on how to do this?

Figured it out. And giving a list of recently inserted chords at the bottom saves time. Once you’ve ‘created’ the slash chord for that song, it’s easy to pick from the list.

Does that recently inserted list carry from song to song, or is it local to that song only?

Cool. I’m thinking to add the / as a shortcut to pull up a list of bass notes for a slash chord, but I saved that for later as it’s a little more involved on the coding front.

The quick-select chords are per-song, based on the chords in use.