Transposing Chords

I just started using Strum Machine" a few days ago, and I’m very impressed by it, it’s great as a backup to playing fiddle tunes, much better than Band in a Box , in my opinion.

There are tunes that I play, that are not in the Strum Machine Library, but there are also a lot of tunes I play in the library.

I tried to make a backing track for one of the tunes that I play, that’s not in the library. tred to transpose the chords of the tune from sheet music to the tune to Strum Machine, but when I finished it didn’t sound right, I knew it was in the correct key.

I dont think that I had the chords arranged properly. My question is : How do I place the chords written on my sheet music in the correct locations on Strum Machine, also if the sheet music uses a “D” chord for two bars, how would that look in Strum Machine, how many D’s would you have to enter to complete two bars, also if there is a chord change in the middle of a bar, how would that be entered.

If we’re talking about a 4/4 tune, then most likely you’ll want to have each bar in the sheet music equate to two cells (one bar) in the Strum Machine editor – e.g., two bars of D would look like four D’s in the editor. I say “most likely” because sometimes sheet music is written out with twice as many notes per measure (or half as many), so if you feel like the song is half or twice as long as it should be, that’s probably why.

For 3/4 time, one measure = one cell/chord in Strum Machine. Bar lines denote pairs of waltz measures in Strum Machine. It’s a long story. :smile:

Hope that helps. Feel free to post a link to the chart if you’re still having trouble with it.