Transposition idea

Is there any way to keep the open chords showing instead of the transposed chords? When i put on a capo, it transposes the chords to another key and i can’t follow the actual chords I’m playing.

Also…Is there any problem using the strum machine for live performances? I’d like to use it but not sure if it’s legal according to the app use rules.


Sounds like you might want to use the Capoed Chords feature?

And thanks for checking in about live performances. The answer is: go for it! It’s totally fine to use Strum Machine as backup behind your playing in live performances, recordings, YouTube videos, etc.

Learned something new! I am going to have to look a bit harder at the features. I cannot tell you how much I love this app! I’ve worked in subdivided beats and half measures. Could you tell me…or point me to an explanation of the line length feature? Does that effect only the line you highlight? How and why would i use it?



Line length changes how many bars are displayed on the line(s) containing the currently-selected cell(s). This would generally be used to make the chart better match the phrasing of the song, such as making the start of a phrase coincide with the start of a line. You can see it in action in I’ll Go Stepping Too and Hit Parade of Love, for example.

To change the length of a line, select one of the cells in the line (I suggest the first cell for best results), then either go to Chart and adjust the line length there, or press L and then the number of bars you want to be on that line. You can also drag-select multiple lines and adjust the line length of all of them at once.

Note, the current line-length interface and behavior is a little quirky and hard to follow at times. I’m working in the background on improving the user experience around line lengths.

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I was having issues with a line starting with the 3 beat. The bass note off…which totally reverses the 1 beat on a 4/4 tune at that point forward. Not musically literate…so not sure how to explain myself. 40 years playing music and cant read or explain music notations. But i know how ot works in a rudimentary way.

@JimJacobson, sounds like you’re trying to transcribe something that has lead-in or pickup notes: notes that come before the first main downbeat of the song. These would be played during the count-in of Strum Machine, i.e., they should not be part of the chart proper. At 2:00 into this video, there is an explanation of what I’m talking about.