Try the new "SM Beta" iOS app!

For years now, there has been a “beta” (pre-release) version of Strum Machine available at It’s a big win-win: users can try the latest features I’m working on before they’re released to everyone, and I get to have people “kicking the tires” on new features and giving me feedback along the way, which is incredibly helpful.

Up until now, there has been no way to test out the beta version in the iOS app, for technical reasons I won’t bore you with. But starting today, you can!

I’d like to invite you to install the “Strum Machine Beta” (or “SM Beta”) iOS app through TestFlight, Apple’s method for installing beta apps:

The initial release of the “SM Beta” app is the same as the normal app now has all the beta upgrades (i.e. new strumming patterns) from along with a brand-new audio engine for the iOS platform. (You can read more background on why this new audio engine is needed here.)

As always, let me know if you have any issues at all with the app… especially when it comes to audio issues, including volume being excessively low or high. Thanks!

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Luke, when I downloaded the iOS beta in TestFlight, this is what I get:

It’s missing the strumming patters, global volume controls, etc. It says the version is 372.1.

Yes, the TestFlight beta matches the main app except for the new audio engine. I get why that’s confusing, especially given the version number (which had to be higher than anything released previously due to App Store rules). But I need to make sure that the new audio engine works with the old strumming first, as I’m going to have to update the app at least a week ahead of releasing the new strumming patterns, lest the app not be updated and the new strumming patterns overwhelm the old audio engine (like before). Once I’ve done that, I’ll put the new strumming patterns into the iOS beta app.

So far, 15 installs and 2 reported issues with freezing upon load; one fixed with a reboot. Not enough data to know how serious the problem is yet. I need to see if I can gather more data from these crashes because I’m still rather blind to what goes on inside the iOS app.

Ah, OK. I’ll play around with it and see what happens.

No issues noticed so far.

I figured out the freezing-upon-load issue as well. I think I’m going to go ahead and update the beta iOS app with the new strumming patterns in the next day or two.

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Yay!!! :tada: :beers:
By the way, the TestFlight beta seems pretty stable to me so far. I have experienced any probs at at all.

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OK, build 1.373.0 of the SM Beta app is now available, and it’s got the new strumming patterns! :tada:

The links in the privacy policy can drag you along way from the app. Feels like they should be directed to open in a browser rather than from within the app itself.

Good catch! I’ll have that fixed in the next version.

You have created such a useful app. Melody instrument teachers need to recommend it to their students! It is so useful for keeping time and helping with intonation for nonfretted fiddle player. I do tell teachers I know and music buddies.

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Hey Luke,
Working fine for me so far! iPad 2017, iOS 15.7.1

Luke, I’m loving the Beta with the new strumming patterns! I noticed that it had the patterns on Saturday. Then on Sunday they did not show up anymore. Then on Monday it refreshed and they appeared again. All along I was running build 1.373.0. Did you do any kind of switcheroo? I thought maybe when I opened the regular app, somehow it interfered with the Beta, but not sure.

Yup, I unintentionally reverted the strumming patterns for a little while there. Sorry about that! Glad you’re enjoying the new strums!

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Works great! All my tunes were there, along with the strumming patterns I had previously chosen from the beta site… and …they actually worked! You’ve got a future in this business young man! Appreciate you greatly!

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Hey @LukeAbbott, this new beta 375 is really good. Love whatever the sound guy helped you do. Sound is so much better.

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@RobertBiggs That’s great to hear! Planning to (re-)release to the main site and apps next week.

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Yay, an early Xmas I don’t mind :wink: