Updated Celtic Tune List

Here’s an updated Celtic Tune List, for those that may be interested.


Thanks John. Useful to me as I used to play many of these tunes in sessions in the UK. I am also primarily a fiddle and mando player.

Thanks Paul.
Glad they were helpful.
I practice a lot on my own as I live in Outback Australia.
There aren’t too many players around.
I too am a fiddle and mandolin player.

New subscriber here. What a wonderful list! I just put together about 50 of my own because I was searching for many of these tune names in the search field and they didn’t show up. Dang!

Out of curiosity, do you have a specific guitar backing selection that you prefer for airs and polkas?

I’m glad you found this list useful Josh.
It took me a while to compile it.
I don’t play any Airs and the few polkas I play, it seems standard “boom chucka boom” at 115bpm seems to suffice. Have a look at “John Ryan’s” or “Mursheen Dorkin” medleys.

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AWESOME!! Thank you so much for all these songs.

Glad that you found them useful Mandy.
It took a while to compose the list and it’s far from comprehensive.
However, most of the standard tunes are there.

Great list John. I wasn’t able to get any of the medleys to come up - kept getting a 404 error - File Not Found