Updating a shared list of songs

I can’t seem to get all the songs I’ve created into Strum Machine so others can use them. The instructions are not easy to follow? I guess I need some help with this.

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Hi George,

It’s not currently possible to make songs publicly searchable within Strum Machine. You can post them here on the forum, though; there’s a category for that called “Share Your Charts”.

Next year, after the new strumming patterns are done, I plan to turn my attention to expanding the library, which may involve letting folks submit songs for inclusion in the public library. Haven’t worked out the details yet though.

For instructions on sharing songs with folks directly, see: Strum Machine Help - sharing

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I shared a list of 40 songs. Now I want to add more songs to the list. I can’t figure out how to do it. With the instructions you have, I can’t see any way to do that. Can you make it easier to sare songs? I find this very frustrating. Do you just reenter the whole list again? Or is there a way to add a song to a list you’ve already put in?

You can just add more songs to the original list in Strum Machine as usual. Anyone who has added the list to their account will have it updated, since they’re actually viewing your list rather than a copy.

That said, you bring up a good point: the list preview on the forum isn’t updated. That is, I can see that the list you posted still says “40 songs” but you’ve added 7 more to it. This is because the forum caches the list details, and doesn’t have any way of knowing that they’ve been updated.

This is a tricky one since the Strum Machine and this forum (powered by software called Discourse) are totally separate. I’ve written some code to integrate them – shared logins, previews when posting songs/lists – but there are limits to what I can do.

It does look like there’s a way to manually update the listing on the forum: you edit it (with the pencil icon) and then save it. This re-fetches the list from Strum Machine. False alarm – this doesn’t work. There is a way for me to tell the server to re-fetch the data though. In the future I may be able to run an automatic process to do this, say, weekly. I’ll look into it after the holidays.