Using as Scratch Track

I just started with Strum Machine and will be using it for original material.
Is there a way that I can send to Garageband to use as a scratch track ?


Yes, use Strum Machine’s record feature to generate an MP3, then import that into Garage Band. I’ve done that many times, with Audacity and Reaper. Works great.

I’ve tried to use the record feature but can’t find it. can anyone tell me how to use/find it?

Yeah, I need to improve the documentation on this feature. It’s still a bit hidden away partly because there’s an ongoing issue with Safari adding timing glitches to the resulting MP3 file. I was hoping I could fix it but I may just have to add a disclaimer that it’s recommended to use a browser other than Safari…

Anyway, the first step is to enable the feature by going to the top-left menu, clicking “Advanced Settings”, and then enabling “Backing track recorder”.

Once you’ve done this, there will be a new “Recorder” button in the right-side menu of the song pages. Click that, then “Record next playback”, and once it finishes playing (either you hit stop or Auto-Finish stops the song) it will automatically download an MP3 file, which you can then use however you like.

That worked Luke,thanks!