Volume Automatically Resetting To Low On iPad

Hi there, when I practice individual songs with my iPad, every time I change song the volume resets to low volume (just annoying, but not serious). This does not happen when I use a practice list on auto advance. Is this an iPad issue or something that can be managed within SM. Thanks for any advice.

Not experiencing that using iPadOS 17.1.2 and didn’t notice it in the past.

Also, haven’t had as many connection issues to Bluetooth speakers over the past few weeks.

Sorry all, it was an iPad thing. In Sounds there is a way to lock the volume to a certain level, if the Lock is enabled, the volume reset to whatever level was selected. Duh!

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Oh interesting… I had no idea that setting existed! Glad you figured it out because I probably would have been pretty stumped by this issue. :laughing:

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