Waltz Books

Does anyone play out of Bill Matthiesen’s Waltz Books? Volume 1 or 2?


Yes MaryAnn I have used Bill Matthiesen’s Waltz Book Volume 1.
Great book of traditional waltzes.

Thank you Raymond. I think so too. I was thinking about entering the chords into Strum Machine for this book but wanted to see if there was an interest in it first.

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Great idea but first check on waltz tunes that were previously enter in SM to avoid extra work.

Very true… which I have done to a point, but enough to know as I go along there will be a few in there that could be tweaked to stay true to Bill Matthiesen’s versions.

Raymond I now have half of these entered into SM - up to Midnight on the Water. Would you be willing to let me send them to you for critique to see if I am headed in the right direction before I make them available to the Forum? They all have intro’s and near the end I started adding TAG’s which I really enjoy to end a waltz.