Waltz BPM incorrect

Hi Luke, about waltzes, I don’t really mind that there is two measures instead of one between two bars, but I wonder why the beats are not correct.
Usually we have 3 beats in a measure but with Strum Machine the metronome don’t match with that.
For a 120 bpm waltz we need to set the tempo at 60.
I can guess why, but could there be a way to change it?
Either with 3 beats/measur, or maybe just one, that is perfect for up tempo waltzes like Linda Lou, Willow Garden, All The Good Times etc.
What do you think?

Thanks a lot!

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Yeah, it’s pretty stupid. :roll_eyes:

Strum Machine naively defines a “beat” in “beats per minute” as a half-note, which works fine for 4/4 time but is totally inappropriate for 3/4 and 6/8 time signatures. I’ve laid the groundwork for the fix, but it’s a tricky thing to get right because I have to update everyone’s saved BPMs in their song preferences (and their Notepads, probably) to the new, correct values, which is the kind of database mass update that can go wrong if you make a silly mistake, so I wanted to be sure to get it right, and ended up just kind of kicking the can down the road for now…

But it’s very much on my to-do list, and will likely happen this year because, well, I’m rather embarrassed about it! [UPDATE: I finally fixed this issue in December of 2022.]


thank you for that update, i look forward to it! I’ve been wondering what i was doing wrong setting up my Waltzes, now I will just wait for the big update.

As always, thank you, this app has become essential to my practice and helped me so much arranging sets and set lists.


I noticed the discrepancy on 6/8 a long time ago and have been setting jigs to 90 bpm when I want it at 120 bpm. Have not come up with a formula for waltzes.

For the record, BPMs have been fixed for waltz and jigs as of December 2022. (Took long enough! Sorry about that.)

Hello all, I’m new to the forum. I’ve enjoyed using the tool and it makes great work of writing out charts.

Is there a difficuly for having waltzes written as one bar of three beats? When printing out chord charts for friends, the two meaures together takes some getting used to.

Thank you

@WillamHope - That’s something I will be addressing this year for sure. Thanks for your patience!