West Virginia, My Home / I'll Be There, Mary Dear

While shut down, I’ve been doing some solo recording projects. I’ve used Strum Machine as both a click track for timing and as a recorded bass line.

On these two songs, I first created my own SM mando/bass backing tracks (neither song was in the library).

Then I recorded myself playing guitar and singing along with the SM track in-ear with headphones so it wasn’t picked up by the mic.

Next, I over-dubbed myself playing mandolin chop, mandolin fills/solo, and singing harmony, each on a separate track in Audacity.

Finally, I recorded the SM bass-only track directly into Audacity via my audio interface.

I mixed the tracks and here are the results:

West Virginia, My Home

I’ll Be There, Mary Dear


Hi Diane,
Really enjoyed your tracks. You’re a talented lady! Hope to do some of my own recording soon.
Best wishes, Ian

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Thanks for the kind words, Ian!

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Really like your recordings. Especially the harmony!!!
Do some more.


Oh, don’t encourage me to do more…you’ll be sorry. :wink: But seriously, thanks for the nice comments.