Where's beta?

I can’t seem to find where the link to the beta version is. It’s come up before when I started the program. But now I can’t find it when looking for it. Sorry, I have a feeling it’s obvious…

You can always access the latest beta version by going to beta.strummachine.com in your web browser. :slightly_smiling_face:

Beta has not worked for me in several weeks and I always use it through the browser. It loads but I get the spinning wheel when I hit the “play” button.

Hmmm. It just worked on my phone when I clicked on the link Luke provided in his answer. But not on my computer. I’m using a Mac and Safari browser. It did work with Firefox, on the computer, so I think there’s a conflict with Safari.

Safari has been giving me so much trouble ever since Apple released their [buggy] version 15 a few weeks ago. :unamused:

I’m surprised it didn’t work on the beta, though… it’s been broken for about 20% of users on the main site but the beta has code to work around that issue. Does the main site work for you in Safari on your computer?

Both beta and regular are working for me here on safari on macOS15 on a 2015 macbook pro.

Safari version: Version 15.1 (17612.
MacOS: Monterey 12.0.1