Common Country Hymns

I can’t begin to tell how much I have enjoyed Strum Machine since I found it over a year ago.

A list of gospel songs that I would like to share.


:wave: Earl
Would you have “In my robe of white”? Or Ralph Stanley’s “Snap a finger, Jesus”? I’ve been looking for a while…

@MonikaDewar, No, I don’t have those at the present. I am familiar with “In My Robe of White”. I will try to add it to my list. Will also look for the one by Ralph Stanley to see if I could learn it for an addition.

@MonikaDewar I looked up Snap A Finger Jesus on youtube. This is the way it sounded to me. I think in the key of G.

Thanks :pray: I love that song, but have no time to put it in. Awesome :sunglasses:

Thanks so much for these!!!

You are quite welcome. I was hoping someone would enjoy these hymns. It was a lot of fun getting them put in the strum machine and I pick along with some of them every day on guitar or mandolin. I like Heavens Jubilee and The Glory Land Way. They are simple but fun to pick.

Thank you for sharing

Hi Monika, you can find Snap a finger Jesus on Chordify. If you have not subcribed already, I think you can get a song or two for free. Cheers.

Oops, I should have scroll down! :blush:

AND I CAN’T BEGIN TO THANK YOU ENOUGH for your hard work to make these treasured songs available to the Strum Machine Community!!!
Blessings abundant, to you and your loved ones, Earl!!!
Kind Regards,

Awesome, thank you for these. We play a lot of these in church each Sunday, but I see a bunch that we haven’t also. Thanks a ton. We prefer the old hymns. Thanks a TON!

You are quite welcome! Thank you so much for the response, I do appreciate hearing from folks who are using my compositions. It is a blessing.
Check out our you tube channel if you wish…Earl Elfrink - YouTube

Thank you Doug, your comment is much appreciated! Check out our you tube channel if you wish…

I will check it out thanks!! I have a youtube channel also called Banjo Lemonade, and when we have someone record our Sunday songs I have those in a playlist called Encouragement Series. God bless you!