Common Country Hymns

I can’t begin to tell how much I have enjoyed Strum Machine since I found it over a year ago.

A list of gospel songs that I would like to share.


:wave: Earl
Would you have “In my robe of white”? Or Ralph Stanley’s “Snap a finger, Jesus”? I’ve been looking for a while…

@MonikaDewar, No, I don’t have those at the present. I am familiar with “In My Robe of White”. I will try to add it to my list. Will also look for the one by Ralph Stanley to see if I could learn it for an addition.

@MonikaDewar I looked up Snap A Finger Jesus on youtube. This is the way it sounded to me. I think in the key of G.

Thanks :pray: I love that song, but have no time to put it in. Awesome :sunglasses:

Thanks so much for these!!!

You are quite welcome. I was hoping someone would enjoy these hymns. It was a lot of fun getting them put in the strum machine and I pick along with some of them every day on guitar or mandolin. I like Heavens Jubilee and The Glory Land Way. They are simple but fun to pick.

Thank you for sharing

Hi Monika, you can find Snap a finger Jesus on Chordify. If you have not subcribed already, I think you can get a song or two for free. Cheers.

Oops, I should have scroll down! :blush: