Developer's Log - December 17, 2020

Hey everyone! It’s been three months since my last update, and with the year coming to a close I figured it was high time for another Developer’s Log post.

The big news, as you probably have heard by now, is that the new song editor has been released! Click that link if you want to read more about what was included in the update. After around five months of development and beta testing, I’m very pleased that it’s done and that folks seem to be liking it! Thanks again to everyone who beta tested it over the past few months.

After such a large update, I’m going to focus my attention on some smaller goals for January and/or February; little tweaks and improvements that have been requested many times, such as a dockable Notepad that can be viewed next to the chords, per-song settings, list shuffling, Auto-Modulate for practicing all the keys, etc. I’m also going to flesh out the chord selection a little more, with m7b5, m6, and 9 chords. Simultaneously, I’ll start planning what big upgrade to tackle starting in February or March.

For the rest of December, though, I’m going to do something I hardly ever do: take a break! I’ll still be answering emails, fixing bugs, etc., of course. But after many months of working on this one big project, I think a little break will do me good. Well, a break from Strum Machine, anyway… I have a hard time sitting still. :wink: So far my holiday plans include building a split ergonomic keyboard like this from parts, upgrading my aging PC, acoustically treating my office for sound recording purposes, learning a powerful but obtuse text editor called vim, and maybe playing some music if I can find the time… :banjo:

I hope you all have a nice holiday season. It’s certainly a bit of a bummer, not getting to do the usual visiting, outings, family dinners, or what have you. But there’s still much to be grateful for in this world, and it’s as good a time as any to focus on and remember all that.

Oh, and don’t forget, you’re welcome to attend my office hours this weekend! I’m looking forward to it.


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The upcoming additions sound great (I couldn’t be happier about your choice for the next three chords!) and enjoy your well deserved break!

Daily vim user here…have fun :wink: