Released: new song editor with many new enhancements (v331)

Hey everyone,

I’m very excited to announce that the main (non-beta) version of Strum Machine has been updated with a brand new song editor! This is something I’ve been working on for nearly five months now, with the help of many beta testers; many thanks to everyone who tried it out while I was developing it and submitted feedback!

So what’s new? Lots:

  • New chords: 6, maj7, sus2, sus4, and augmenteds, with more to be added in the future by popular demand.

  • Slash chords, to set the bass note independently of the strummed chord.

  • Subdivided beats, where each quarter-note beat can be assigned a different chord.

  • Line length customization, for when the phrasing of a song doesn’t divide evenly into groups of 4 measures.

  • New Chord, Chart, and FX menus to access all these new features.

  • Multi-select (click-and-drag or Shift+arrow-keys) in the song editor to make edits to many beats at once.

  • Cut/copy/paste shortcuts, like in other programs. Comes in handy for quickly duplicating phrases within a section, for example.

  • New keyboard shortcuts; click the Shortcuts button in the editor to see the keyboard commands available.

  • Hear as you edit feature; listen to chords as you type them in and move around the chart you’re editing.

  • Redesigned section editing interface – no more popup window to edit the section label or rep count.

Plus one big non-editing addition:

  • You can now record the output of Strum Machine and save it to an MP3 file on your computer. You can then use it in, for example, an audio-recording program. To enable this feature, open Advanced Settings, then enable “Backing track recorder”.

Thanks again to everyone who was beta testing it as I was working on it. If you aren’t a beta tester, but want to use new features like this before they’re released, consider using the beta version too! It’s the same as the main version as of today, but I’ve got lots of exciting new stuff planned for 2021, and it’ll be coming to the beta first. :grin:


Congratulations Luke! Thanks for your hard work!

UPDATE: Had to roll this back just now as it broke the mobile apps. Will give it another try tomorrow, after getting to the bottom of why the mobile apps broke.

UPDATE TO MY UPDATE: It should be working now. :+1:

Thanks for the update Luke . I thought the glitch was on my side :woozy_face:Looking forward to the fix . Love your product .

The funny thing is, I had an “I thought the glitch was on my side” moment (or couple of hours, really) on my end too, only with other, bigger companies. Turns out there were massive internet outages yesterday, mostly with Google’s servers. Guess it was a bad day to deploy a new version! :wink:

Just pushed a fixed version of the new update and everything looks good so far.

Great job Luke! The new features are well thought out and this is a nice evolution for your app. Drooling at the possibility of m7b5!

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Howdy, Luke
New subscriber and fellow banjo player here…
I am very much enjoying your updates to Strum Machine! Thank you!
I have loaded a number of tunes and found your updates quite helpful.
In fact, the “Subdivided Beat” came in quite handy when I loaded “Windy And Warm.” It took me a bit to decide that’s just what I needed to make one part of the tune fit.
Just wanted you to know how much I’m enjoying Strum Machine and am telling other musicians about it.
Merry Christmas!

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