Irish songs added

Hello all.

I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do!

I’ve put lots of Irish tunes on my lists, and will be happy to share.


[Edit] Here’s the list:


Excellent! Is your list something I can access directly? I’m trying to do ‘The Irish Washerwoman.’ Thanks!..Bart.

@KateThedell, please post a link to your list so that others can use the songs you’ve added! Here’s how. You could edit your original post to add the link, or just reply to the thread. Thank you for contributing!

Got it! Thanks!..B.

Thanks, Kate! Here’s a clip from my Insta of me trying to mashup ‘Irish Washerwoman’ and ‘Sailor’s Hornpipe’–and it’s also a little ‘experiment’ to see if it’s possible to embed stuff from Instagram in forum messages here, heh! :slight_smile:

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I love Irish songs! I have only 3 in my list, and 2 of them are actually Welsh… but here it is anyway😉
Monika (bluegrass banjo)

Thanks Kate This is a great list of Irish tunes. I hav just started learning some Irish songs. :smiley:


I love playing Irish music, although I can’t play the songs as quickly as the local session group. What do you play?


Well what a great list. Thanks. My bride and I play together (me on guitar and she on hammered dulcimer). She loves Irish tunes and I like old time fiddle tunes . This will give me some ideas to share. Thanks again!

Thank you very much.

I’m a new SM user.
Thank you for this list which is pretty comprehensive.
I play a lot of the tunes you have listed.
This will save me “re-inventing the wheel”.
Again, thanks. :+1: