July 2021 Update (not much to report)

Hey all! Here’s a brief update to keep you in the loop about what’s been going on with Strum Machine development lately:

The first public beta of the strumming patterns upgrade was released on May 3rd. I continued to update the beta version (based in part on your feedback) during the month of May. In June, work began on a total redesign of the band-settings interface, which solves many issues with the current one and is definitely an improvement.

My hope was to have this redesigned version up on the beta site before I left on a long-awaited family trip in July, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, so it was set aside for a few weeks. And then, despite our best efforts with masking and so forth, on the way home I ended up catching COVID. :face_with_thermometer:

Thankfully my immune system had enough practice from my vaccines/boosters that my symptoms have mostly resembled a bad cold, and after a few days in I’m finally fever-free and starting to feel better. But I’ve still got some recovering to do, not to mention catching up with various things (yes, including taxes, again!) so I probably won’t be making real progress on the beta version until sometime in August.

Thanks for your patience! Nobody is more anxious than me to get these new improvements out the door, but it all takes time to get things right, and usually more time than one would predict! Can’t wait to have you try out what I’m cooking up.

Your loyal developer,



Thanks for the update. I am continously checking for the updates, but your health is much more important, so take care of yourself first. Get well soon and God bless.


That looks like you had a stay in Manly in Sydney, Australia at some time.
I recognise the background, but also the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.
Thanks for the update on SM.

Ding ding ding! Good job @JohnTait for identifying the location. :trophy: That photo was from this last trip, where we were visiting my wife’s 98-year-old grandfather, among other things. Funnily enough, this was the first real trip we’ve taken since 2018… which is when we stayed in Manly (specifically Dee Why) for a few months to see if we wanted to move there. (We did… but it was too remote so we stayed in California.)

Sorry to hear you caught covid. Blessings to you for a quick and complete recovery.

Take care of yourself. Most of us have plenty of strumming to keep us tuned up while you recover

Happy to report that I’ve made a full recovery and am back to work! Just released a new beta version today, in fact. :blush: