Keyboard shortcuts for list navigation? [Planned]

Are there (or could there be) keyboard shortcuts for loading the next/previous song in a list when you’ve got list navigation enabled? I’m working out a process for running a virtual jam session without having to put my instrument down and use the mouse or keyboard, and if there were a shortcut I could bind a macro or button on my bluetooth foot pedal to for advancing to the next song in a list, that would be one more action I could do hands-free. I could see it being useful for busking once that’s a thing again, too.

Even without that feature (and I just discovered list navigation today, so it’s entirely possible there’s already a shortcut and I just haven’t found it yet), this app has been a real help during self-isolation, so thank you!

I like this idea and definitely want to implement it in the future! I plan to make all the keyboard shortcuts customizable as well. Hard to say exactly when this will be done, but it’s on the roadmap!

Thanks for your suggestion!


Did this ever get made? I’ve just bought an “xSonic Airstep Lite” and so far have mapped:

  • back to the beginning: backspace
  • -1bpm
  • play/pause
  • +1bpm
  • +5bpm

Which is nice but im hoping there is a keyboard shortcut for: Progress to the next track. and Go back to the previous track. Are there shortcut keys for these actions?

Hi @MichaelU,

Still haven’t gotten around to this. This falls in the same category as the “last time” Auto-Finish keyboard shortcut that I just posted about – been on the list for a long time, haven’t done it yet, but things are looking good for it finally happening in 2024…

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Thanks @LukeAbbott

Exciting year ahead. Good luck with completing the tasks you want to complete.