Keyboard shortcuts for list navigation? [Planned]

Are there (or could there be) keyboard shortcuts for loading the next/previous song in a list when you’ve got list navigation enabled? I’m working out a process for running a virtual jam session without having to put my instrument down and use the mouse or keyboard, and if there were a shortcut I could bind a macro or button on my bluetooth foot pedal to for advancing to the next song in a list, that would be one more action I could do hands-free. I could see it being useful for busking once that’s a thing again, too.

Even without that feature (and I just discovered list navigation today, so it’s entirely possible there’s already a shortcut and I just haven’t found it yet), this app has been a real help during self-isolation, so thank you!

I like this idea and definitely want to implement it in the future! I plan to make all the keyboard shortcuts customizable as well. Hard to say exactly when this will be done, but it’s on the roadmap!

Thanks for your suggestion!