Label with keys

Hi Luke
This is a super minor issue…but…is it possible to have Strummie show the key of tunes (and maybe the time signature as well) in list mode? I’m often looking for something to play and have to stop and think about a tune to decide if it fits the “Waltzes in B flat” or whatever that I’m after. (Just kidding, I’m not a good enough fiddle player to play waltzes in Bflat, but Jigs in D, now that I’m into lol). Alternatively, if there was a way to have Strummie autogenerate lists of tunes with certain properties e.g. by time or key signature (maybe even the tempo that was last played??) that would be awesome. Cheers.

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It’s something that’s been requested (and discussed) before, and something I plan to tackle in the future, although it will probably be a fair amount of work to implement which is why I keep kicking it down the road.

In the meantime, a lot of folks manually create lists by key; perhaps that approach would work well for the situation you describe.


Thanks, Luke. Yes, I’ve done the manual method. Manual sorting was a great feature which you added a while back. I still think a “filter” or “sort” by title, key, or time sig., would be a feature that a lot of folks would like, especially the old time community.

Other than that, I still love SM. I know it has helped my playing a lot in the couple years I’ve used it. A thought… do you have (or have you considered) a lifetime subscription? I’d buy one if it was reasonably priced….and I turn 70 in August! I know I’ll use SM as long as I’m able to play music (and its supported).

Pick on!

Yup, more filter and/or sorting options will be available in the future for sure, one way or another.

Re: lifetime subscription – there are no plans to introduce a one-time payment option. The subscription model ensures that Strum Machine is self-sustaining and will be around and supported forever. (I’ve even taken steps to ensure it would remain available if I got hit by bus tomorrow.)

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Yeah, I did that for a while but it meant I had lots and lots of lists in my profile which had to be hunted through to find the one I wanted which was messy. Also it required me to remember to add every tune to it’s appropriate key/time sig at the time of creating it or go through and look at every single tune to put it into a list if I decided that was a key/sig I wanted a list for. Having Strummie be able to pick them out somehow, or at least show it in the title (maybe as an option i.e. it isn’t always there but if you toggle it the key/time comes up as part of the name) would be waaaay easier, but I get that it’s a minor thing for sure so if it’s hard to program I’ll just have to keep trying to remember :slight_smile: