Songs with irregular repeats

I’ve seen a couple of similar posts but I’m adding this one to let the developers know we’re interested.
On Southbound, Doc Watson arranged Windy and Warm as follows:
Intro A A B A C A B A D A Outro
I’m going to go ahead and set the first A part as a “play twice” section and then just copy the A and B parts where necessary.
I’m looking forward to a day when I can put in the different parts once and then use a list to show what order to play the parts in.

Yes, this is something I’ve wanted myself for years now. Here’s where it was discussed on the forum before: Arrangements

It’s going to be a big feature and I haven’t had a chance to start working on it properly, but there are some preliminary sketches and the plan is to really take a serious crack at this in the second half of this year. :crossed_fingers: