Teacher membership?

Wondering if you would offer a teacher with added students membership?? That might be too much to manage…I have a membership then I could add the songs my students are working on to their account. What do ya think??

I’ve definitely thought about it. Lots of teachers use Strum Machine in their teaching practice, and I’d love to make it easier for them to share songs/resources/notes within Strum Machine, manage students’ song lists, etc. Would probably just add features to that end versus making a separate kind of subscription. I imagine I’ll tackle it someday, but there are some other things I need to finish first.

In the meantime, for managing your students’ songs, making and sharing a song list is the way to go. You could have a list for each student (or share one list with multiple students, if applicable), and as you update the list it will be updated in their account as well.