Users Charts in Search/Browse

I’m not sure if this has been asked but why can’t the tunes I enter or modify be found in the standard Search or Browse interface by all users without explicitly sharing the chart or list? I know it could get unwieldy and there could be some crappy charts but there could be settings where users make there charts available for all to see plus Search/browse could have a filter to enable searching users charts. Perhaps this has to do with copyright issues.


So I do a search for Old Joe Clark and get back 100 or more copies of users charts. Who would I process that? I really would want to have to sort through hundreds of charts from users when looking for a song. Google already does that pretty badly.


Robert is alluding to one of the big reasons why the main library is curated: to avoid a situation where there are several (even dozens) of similar copies of a given tune. Ultimate Guitar is a good example of the problem; there might be ten versions of a song listed, and how is one supposed to know which one is the most accurate?

That said, I’m not completely opposed to adding some sort of public sharing option within Strum Machine itself. But it’s something I’ll have to really think about and get right, and I haven’t been able to devote my full attention to the issue yet. What I’m really leaning toward is keeping the public library highly curated, with only one chart per song (except for common variations like with Big Sciota or Sally Ann), and growing the library with the help of genre experts that can figure out good “standard chords” for songs/tunes in many genres – possibly with some crowdsourcing in there as well, TBD.

Growing the library is going to be my next big area of focus once the strumming pattern upgrade is completed, so I’ll be working on figuring this out later in the year!


I hear ya Luke and the whole user curation notion (voting, likes, stars …) is a slippery slope towards that dreaded social media space which I don’t think anyone wants from Strum Machine. I like and appreciate how you have kept a laser focus on the core value. ITMT, I’ll keep sharing in the “Share Your Charts” section. cheers and thanks for all your hard work.