Total time display for songs / for playlists

Hi, thank you so much for this marvelous app, I use it every day!

This might be obscure “great to have one day” feature… but would it be possible to calculate/display how long each tune will take at the current BPM?

and then also extrapolate that to playlists, how long each playlist will be total based on the current BPMs?

Use case would be: I need to arrange a set list for an hour and a half show. Right now I’ll set up my list then literally let strum machine play the entire list to check the timing. It turns out 1:12? Ok I add a few tunes and check just those. A few minutes too long but we can’t let go of any sets? Take a few repetitions out strategically. but then i kind of need to let the full playlist run again to double check.

Anyway it would be great if one day, the playlist just displays how long it will take to get to the end, through the magic of math.

(I have had some musicians compliment me that they never had a set list so exact, when we finished our show exactly on the minute, haha, all thanks to planning with strum machine)

Haha, that is awesome! Thanks for sharing your process. Though it sounds a bit annoying to have to let Strum Machine run in real time through the whole set, it’s pretty cool that you’re able to plan out your show duration so accurately.

A time calculation feature is not high on my priority list (only because that list is already so long, and implementing this may be a little trickier than it would ) but it’s on my list and I would like to explore the idea in depth someday. It’s been talked about on here a couple times before:

Glad you’re getting so much good use out of my app!

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Well, Luke, you could simplify the feature by only calculating the time when the user clicks on a menu item for that, otherwise not. I use StrumMachine to perform as well, and figuring out how long a set will actually last has long alluded me.

How do you use it for performance? On a laptop? Footswitch to start? Ive used my phone but I’m afraid I’ll get a call during the performance. Hard to see on little screen.

Actually I use my phone, it’s fairly large. But I have been thinking of buying an iPad Mini for better visibility. I’d have to buy a new tripod stand that could handle it. My current tripod is designed for phones. To be honest, I usually just pick a tune out of a list, then hit play and play along. I know my tunes and the way StrumMachine works, I can tell when its ending so I don’t need to see that. Some tunes I have setup with a diamond for the last measure.

I use my phone… i have almost all notifications blocked on it anyway, i prefer to check apps on my own schedule so I dont allow any to ping me.

Go in airplane mode during your performance and you won’t receive any calls,
Strum machine still works fine over bluetooth with the phone in airplane mode.

Ive got an older ipad but it isn’t compatible with the app.

Load the web page and save it to the Home Screen of your iPad. Load it with wifi so it can download all your tunes. After that initial load, it will load even with wifi. However you won’t be able to make any permanent changes to tunes without wifi.